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Our Museum doors are open to:

Children –  because here they can touch the exhibits, openly exchange their impressions and have fun, without the worry that someone will come and tell them to be quiet.
School pupils –  as lessons conducted outside the school walls provide an excellent opportunity to learn and play simultaneously.
Adults  –  as nothing builds relationships better between parents and their children than spending time together.
Senior citizens – because it is pleasant at any age to spend time in a creative way and see how history can be portrayed using modern technological solutions.
Foreign visitors – as especially for them a Narrator will present exhibits in German, English and Russian.
Organised groups – as its always more fun in a group, and the tickets are cheaper:)
Everyone – who would like to see something new and experience a fantastic adventure.
Come and visit us because the Museum is like a treasure chest full of wondrous tales. Here, experiences and incredible emotions are interlaced with the history of the fishermen, with the legend of the spell cast on the fishing net and the witch who – despite popular opinion – turns out to be a good witch.
You need not fear the anger of the Guide as you touch the collection of exhibits which tell you about the life and work of the local fishing communities which once lived on this Baltic Coast. You can pretend that you are the skipper of the boat and give the helm a mighty turn, glance through the porthole and ring the bell of a real fishing boat.
Gone the wary Guide, gone the mismatched pairs of protective felt slippers… Now you can actually touch the exhibits and that’s not all… There are other additional aspects of the presentation which make our Museum no ordinary exhibition. 
The ‘Mashoperia’ 6D Museum is an amazing and unique place because all the senses are engaged in your exploration of the exhibits. Over 500 square metres of walls in the Museum are decorated with original paintings, which provide a backdrop to historic everyday items. These paintings have been produced using 3D technology, and that is why you will wear special glasses in order to intensify the visual effect. You can expect surprises from all angles, from the bottom, the top, from left and right. You will have the impression that you are at the centre of the action. During the tour you will smell the fresh sea breeze in the air, and the aroma of crisp rosy apples in the fisherman’s cottage. You will come across ‘live’ birds and frogs. You will hear  seagulls singing to the accompaniment of the swoosh of the surf, and you will feel the wind in your hair. You will have a chance to sit down and make merry with the fishermen and experience the atmosphere of their special celebrations. Twice you will not be able to believe your own eyes. Once, when you look in the mirror and see that, unfortunately, you are not the prettiest picture in the world. And the second time when you come across a fisherman – not on a fishing boat, though, or in a fisherman’s cottage but in the…  little boy’s room:)
Do you have any questions? You are sure to find all the answers during a trip to our Museum.

Tickets are available from the ticket office of the Museum at ul. Rodziewiczówny 15 [15 Rodziewiczówna Street] (Promenade next to the KIELCZANKA – ALBAX Centre) in Kołobrzeg.
Tickets for organised groups of a minimum of 15 people can be reserved by telephone or on-line: Muzeum 6D Tel.: 00 48 94 716 22 44, e-mail:

Normal ticket: 20 PLN/per person
Concessionary ticket: 15 PLN /per person (children up to age 15)
Family ticket: 15 PLN /per person (ticket for visitors accompanied by at least one child under the age of 15. Max. 4 persons)
Group ticket: 13 PLN /per person (groups of  15 people and over,  under 15 years of age)
Children under 3 – free-of-charge.

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